Hallmark Services Corporate Office, Naperville, IL

Hallmark Services Corporation (HSC) retained zpd+a to develop their office space program and study various building relocation options. Based on zpd+a's study, HSC chose to occupy multiple floors in two adjacent buildings. The company already occupied a space in one of the buildings that had been designed by zpd+a in an earlier build-out for the company. Upon completion of the relocation study, zpd+a was retained to provide a set of multi-floor and multi-building space plans for the new corporate offices. A covered walkway linking the two buildings is an ongoing project to be completed in 2009.

zpd+a created an inviting and cohesive solution to the design challenge presented by the large floor plates of the west building and the unique S-shaped atrium of the east building. Based on the existing HSC space in the east building, zpd+a designed an open floor plan, allowing the maximum amount of natural light to illuminate the space. Warm accent colors divide the various areas and serve as wayfinding elements on the large floors. (Photography: Patsy McEnroe).


Naperville, IL

Project Type:

Corporate Offices

Tenant Interior Build-out


200,000 sq. ft.

Project Value

$14 Million


27 Months

Completed 1/2009

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