South Bend LaSalle Square Redevelopment Project

The City of South Bend, Indiana selected zpd+a from a list of 25 respondents to initiate a planning study and to develop a master plan addressing the severe logistical challenges facing this site in terms of market conditions, vehicular and pedestrian transportation routes, existing infrastructure, and community involvement. The project team placed great importance on gaining input and acceptance from the neighborhood in every step of the process. A steering committee comprised of various leading neighborhood stakeholders was formed to help guide the design process.

In association with the Center for Neighborhood Technologies, zpd+a conducted interviews with stakeholders and orchestrated two public planning charrettes. The well-attended charrettes allowed the project team to understand the stakeholders' perspectives on the site's history and their vision for the future, and to prioritize the needs of the community. The information zpd+a gathered from the meetings and comprehensive market study helped to provide the city with a cohesive master plan to address the site's immediate needs and allow for future growth opportunities.


South Bend, IN

Project Type:

LaSalle Square Redevelopment

Master Plan Study


23.5 acre site

Project Value



Completed 2008

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